Google Workspace as a business catalyst.

There’s a new way to get the job done. As hybrid work becomes the norm, today’s teams need easy-to-use, flexible and secure tools to maximize their productivity. Anywhere, anytime, on any device. As our way of working changes, the infrastructure of an organization needs to change accordingly.

Google Workspace provides everything teams need to get the job done while safeguarding IT’s overview and control. The cloud-first stack of collaboration tools – previously known as G Suite – has become the suite of choice for businesses in their search of increasing productivity, reducing overhead expenses, and overcoming new security risks.

Powered by Google AI and advanced security features, Google Workspace combines your team’s favorite communication and collaboration tools into a secure, flexible and innovative alternative to your legacy IT systems. Are you ready to make the switch?

Switching made easy, as 1… 2 … 3.

Switching to new systems can be overwhelming. Especially if that switch includes the key tools your team needs daily to run vital business processes.

That’s why we developed a clear and repeatable journey for organizations like yours.

Our change management experts are ready to assist you during the transition and go beyond implementation. We help you with identifying opportunities, strategic planning and accelerating user adoption while reducing complexity and downtime risks at the same time.

Leading companies in all markets are trusting Tryve to transition into a new generation of IT and to leverage Google Workspace’s key advantages to get a higher return on investment. And they’re right, according to the following statistics from Forrester:


of IT professionals say the ongoing management of remote workers is one of their biggest challenges.

Source: Forrester


Reduction in on-demand tech support by switching to Google Workspace


Saved per Google Workspace user per year.


Google Workspace's rating on ease of admin, outranking direct competitors.

Google Workspace is packed with powerful tools

A single platform for productivity apps

Including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar and many others.

Private and secure

Integrated security and rights management software.

Always up-to-date

Automated remote updates across all devices and users.


More control and better features for a fixed subscription fee.

Why businesses rely on Google Workspace

There’s no doubt Google Workspace will save you time and money while giving your team a better way to communicate and collaborate. Workspace tools are built to allow seamless hybrid collaboration across teams, locations and time zones. Integrating the tools used and loved by billions of users for messaging, meeting and collaboration, you reduce security threats and the risk of shadow IT in your organization.

Companies that switched are now taking full advantage of always-up-to-date cloud tools. They benefit from deeper insights, higher efficiency and established a safer IT environment with lower maintenance costs and an unparalleled total cost of ownership compared to any competitor in the space.

Talking about competitors, learn why Google Workspace is the modern alternative to Microsoft 365 →

Key benefits for the retail industry

Create best-in-class experiences from your warehouse to your stores across the globe.

Google Workspace is helping organizations in the retail and warehouse industry to innovate and optimize workflows and data streams.

  • Easier onboarding and training of new employees, on any device.
  • Improved information exchange across business units and shops.
  • More time for human connection between staff and customers through time-saving and increased productivity.
  • Manage tools access and updates for any device in a centralized way.

Key benefits for the media industry

Connect, create and collaborate efficiently to share your story with the world.

Google Workspace is helping media organizations and marketing agencies to create and collaborate more efficiently.

  • Secure and easy asset sharing.
  • Improved collaboration between departments and locations.
  • Talk face-to-face with anyone, anywhere.
  • Easy to adapt to new workflows and formats.

Avoid traditional transition pitfalls

Preparation is key. Successfully implementing Google Workspace and transitioning into a new era of teamwork requires planning, support and training from day one. 

You can avoid common mistakes while switching to Google Workspace by answering the following questions:

  • How will switching help to achieve our business objectives?
  • Which IT tools do we use and what’s their role in vital business processes?
  • What are our team’s needs and frustrations? 
  • Do we have a clear change management plan in place?
  • Is every department on board to make the switch?
  • How will we tackle questions and issues during the transition?

Ensure that your organization is ready for the migration by having a clear plan and understanding of how your business will operate in Google Workspace.

That’s where Tryve comes in.

How Tryve helps you switch

At Tryve, we pride ourselves on our white-glove approach to make your transition to Google Workspace as smooth as possible. We map your existing workflows and develop a tailored journey and transition framework that suits your internal processes, culture and company vision. This approach saves both time and avoids unwelcome surprises down the line.

Our preferred partner status with Google allows us to get in touch directly and provide enterprise-level support that would otherwise be out of reach for most organizations. This comprehensive approach is what sets us apart: we’re not mere tech experts, but your business partner.

Find out for yourself how Google Workspace allows you to connect, create and collaborate across your teams.

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