Google Workspace: setting a new standard

Google Workspace has quickly established itself as the preferred productivity platform for mid-level and enterprise organizations. The reasons behind this change are plenty. While similar in purpose and target market to legacy competitor Microsoft 365, Workspace is powered by a set of dynamic cloud tools, built on a framework that runs on best-in-class infrastructure. Find out why Google Workspace is the platform of choice for businesses looking for a future-proof productivity suite that is intuitive, comprehensive, secure and cost-efficient.

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Comparing the main apps of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365:

While the main apps of both Workspace and MS365 cover roughly the same functions, the real difference can be found in how the apps work. Word has long been the standard for text processing, but the built-in collaboration tools put Google Docs light-years ahead. In Slides, you can create engaging and interactive presentations by integrating elements from other Google apps. And Gmail… where do we even start?

If you’re looking for a clean, streamlined email experience that allows your staff to work efficiently throughout the day, Gmail is undoubtedly the way to go. With 2-step verification, superior spam protection and automatic encryption using Transport Layer Security (TLS), Gmail is not only efficient, it’s also safe and secure.

“Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer ways to edit and revise documents across teams. Workspace is more collaborative in nature, whilst Microsoft 365 is based on software initially designed for individual users.”

4 reasons why Google Workspace is the modern alternative


Google Workspace’s cloud-first approach means that your workforce can access their data, documents and applications from anywhere, at any time. Real-time collaboration and intelligent search boost productivity even further. Google Workspace allows you to be more responsive to change, to effortlessly scale the use of your tech, while improving your security and compliance of critical applications – without losing performance. While Microsoft 365 has made some significant improvements in the past few years in moving its offering to the cloud, it still suffers from its history as a set of distinct on-premise solutions.

Ease-of use through world-class UX

Emphasis on simplicity and usability helps your employees to navigate through the tools they use on a daily basis without having to memorize complex menu settings. Clever UX built from scratch provides an edge over the decades of layer cake-based design alterations in Microsoft 365. Rigorous device-agnostic lay-out and browser-first design choices ensure maximum app functionality and seamless sync, providing a similar experience across platforms.

Ready for teamwork?

Google’s browser-based tooling allows for always-on, always-live synchronization across apps, devices and teams. Designed from the ground up with online editing in mind, it’s best-in-class when editing across teams. Real-time collaboration is immediate and spontaneous, leaving Microsoft 365’s complex co-authoring trailing. This is because Microsoft’s tools were initially designed with individual users in mind, while Google took a collaborative approach from the outset.

24/7 protection for your business.

Google’s provider-side data center management is second to none. Its systems are monitored around the clock by machine-learning software that detects suspicious behavior and identifies issues. Additional customer-facing management features allow your organization to keep a tight check on your security for additional risk management and oversight. In this respect, both Microsoft and Google offer similar security levels: their cloud security is mature and offers similar protection measures on its architecture.

Highlighted security features of Google Workspace

  • Advanced Protection Program
    Apply specific security policies to designated high-profile Workspace accounts throughout your organization and protect your most vulnerable accounts.
  • Endpoint management
    Manage connections and access to Google Workspace from a wide range of devices in use at your business, including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Information management with Vault
    Search, access and control user data in Google Workspace and conduct easy audits.
  • Data loss prevention
    Admin-level data control options to set rules for Google Drive data access, protecting your teams’ most precious information.

Future-proofing the present

New features and improvements are added to Google Workspace tools every quarter. Backed by one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, you and your teams can expect continued support and development. This includes leading AI-supported tools that make your business life faster, easier and more productive. On a practical level, Workspace’s cloud-based architecture ensures that your employees always have access to the latest version of the software, including the most up-to-date tools and continuous update cycles without any maintenance downtime.

An honest price comparison

With different plans available, a pricing comparison doesn’t necessarily give you the clearest answer on which one suits your organization best. As you might be comparing apples and oranges, we recommend you reach out to a trusted partner to compare pricing plans, features, and additional options. 

Let’s not beat around the bush any longer and look at the cost of common business plans in Belgium:

All Google Workspace plans include full access to all apps, with additional storage options, enhanced support and advanced security features tailored to your business.

If you’re comparing pricing plans, make sure you compare in detail what’s included. And don’t forget that there’s more to the total cost of your preferred tools than the price per user per month. There are additional cost savings and business benefits to take into account. 

Lower total cost of ownership.

Whether you’re a media company or a retail organization with a pending productivity suite decision to consider: your total cost of ownership is business-critical in your decision-making. 

A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study analyzed Google Workspace’s TCO and the results speak for themselves. Google Workspace reduces on-demand tech support by 20% and allows users to save 171 hours per year due to increased efficiency, resulting in a payback period of 6 months (or less) and a total ROI of 331%. 

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Switching made easy with Tryve

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